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May. 21st, 2015 @ 06:59 am (no subject)
so....I win on tuesdays and wensdays, but not on thursdays.
At least the bills are paid, I've food in the house, and plenty of cat food.
I even have money IN my account, and not in the red. (which I'm sure the bank is thrilled over)
Of course, payments will be starting. Maybe, just maybe I can whittle those down enough to be able to make it. Sighs...between bills, debts, problems and the fact Christmas is coming...I've a full head of worries.
Well, get that 'baby announcement' project done, that's one present.
Start getting food stuffs in for Christmas. Most can be kept frozen for quite some time. (and one can of oysters is easier to pay for that two...getting that stuff one or two at a time, easier on the budget.)
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May. 14th, 2015 @ 06:37 am (no subject)
Dear Me, stop being stupid.
Ok...so I am, about a lot of stuff. I'm trying to drag myself out of the muck I've put myself into. Let's hope for the best, ok? After all, things cannot get any worse. Well, they can, but I'm working to make it better. If only that one place will take a chance on me..
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May. 2nd, 2015 @ 07:04 am What I need and want
What do I need and want, at least at work?


Preferably enough so I have cages for those morons and idiots who simply MUST grab any kittens they see and bring them on in. Despite the fact said kittens are healthy, well fed and Mama is probably nearby. After three years of ranting and raving.....

I would like people to bring in cat litter (clay, non clumping) rather than supermarket plonk cat and dog food. I can use the litter. Even if sometimes I'll take the cat food home for our porch cats.

Fewer people coming in at 0800 and up, and more coming in when we are open.

Fewer idiots calling up all morning long whining that we 'never answer the phone and never call back' who don't leave a name or phone number.

Fewer of our 'constant' idiots who are always finding more and more stray dogs and cats for us to get adopted...most of which are not adoptable.

Well, would be nice to have more funds coming in, a new director for ours to teach the ropes to, and that new director to have the energy to get all those things done he/she will have to do. And be able to do it on the slim pay.
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Apr. 16th, 2015 @ 10:07 pm Yep, it's me again....or still
Well....lets see....Kitten, you got fostered, along with your babies. I do miss you, and them. Watching one month old kittens as they attack each other, and Mama...
Keesha, you're fostered out too..with your brood...who were beginning to move. I'll miss those first falls out of the box.
Athena....hate to say this pretty girl, but I think your babies are growing up way too fast.
Connie...as soon as you and yours are over the icky sneezies, you'll be fostered out too.
Finally...last mama who came in..Mystic, you had three of the prettiest babies. Yes, I say that to ALL my mama cats. Now...stop the growling and hissing at me, ok? You're a sweet girl, and I'm NOT going to hurt the babies.
To my older kittens...guys and girls, I'm NOT the evil villain here. I'm the nice person who feeds you. Chill out. Oh..Vader...SHUT UP.
Bilbo, Frodo...get well, will you?
Esmeralda, it's ok sweet girl. We are not going to hurt you.
Sighs...little Espie...RIP pretty girl. I guess, in a way, it is a good thing you didn't get adopted out. I hope I see you, when I too go over the stone bridge to the Meadowlands. In fact, I hope you're one of those who welcomes me. Still love the funky ear.
Mike, we'll get your fat butt adopted eventually.
Tina...stop eating the directors plants.
Charles, keep looking sweet and handsome, you'll fool someone into taking you home

Missie...not only are you fat, but you snore too.
Velvet...it's kinda hard to read with you ON the book. I would try to continue with the stitchery, but you'd sit on that too.
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Mar. 17th, 2015 @ 07:12 am I'm the bad one here, but still
Ok, so I admit to being a pretty bad rp type. The two venues I go to, both 'realigned and redid' everything just recently. One went new, one stayed old.
When this happened, of course, ALL characters were deleted and we got to start from scratch. Not a problem, I usually have at least one character idea on tap, so I can fill in the dots and go from there. Both of my characters are approved, one in one venue, one in the other.
Here is where I'm the bad one. I don't play very often. Neither of my characters are in any kind of storyline, so my absence doesn't matter. One of my characters will probably be dead soon (due to some things that will BE happening) but it isn't like 'you must be here every single day or else' kind of thing.
Neither of my characters are important to anyone else, (or even me, for that matter, I like rp, but it's not super important) so, why,pray tell are the others screaming at me, when I DO show up? I mean...guys and girls....if that one character is so damned important...why can I spend hours in a room, posting away, with NO ONE COMING IN OR ANSWERING ME????? I feel, often like I can have my character strip and dance around and no one would comment on it.
Am I such a horrid rp'er that no one wants to play with me? After so many years with the same people, and different characters, I find that kinda difficult to believe. Is it just that I'm getting older and more tired? Well, that is a huge part of it. I don't WANT to stop rp. I enjoy it, even if I can't get into it like I used to. I can't do all night rp, because I work 7 days a week. I can't do various types of characters, because the rules are so different, that I'm still wrapping my head around them.
Well...who knows...if I'm that bad, I can always make up characters they can kill off. (just make it an epic death, ok guys? those are SO much fun for everyone...a hell of a lot better than 'oops....your character just got shot in the head, you're dead....and delete)
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Feb. 11th, 2015 @ 06:49 am (no subject)
I guess I should be kicking myself, but I'm kinda proud too. Didn't get any more out of my account than I could lose...although I didn't want to lose it. Should have gone home with that 300 in my pocket. Oh well. At least I have my account in the black for a change. NOW KEEP IT THERE. Then again, I'm pretty sure the bank will cancel said overdraft soon anyway.
Put the money for Freedom into my online savings and make sure they have that routing and account number at least a week ahead of time. No more of this 'see if I can make more' crap. I've spent months away from the casino...I can do that again. In fact, should just stay away until my birthday.
Valentines day is coming up. Need to make sure I get hubby something. Not a lot, since he rarely gives me much. A bit though...he's got more chocolate stashed in his fridge than I could eat in a month, so...something else. Not sure what, but maybe another birdhouse? He's got those I gave him for Christmas, and is planning a little birdhouse village. I'd love to get him a larger one too....or directions on building them...or other stuff...hmmmmm......he was thinking about building another desk or tv cabinet....
OH yes...call Freedom....call online bank make sure they WILL let me do that auto payment from there.
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Jan. 10th, 2015 @ 05:49 am (no subject)
Well...maybe things are going to turn around after all. Yeah, another internet loan, but at least I should be able to pay this one off a bit easier.
Leave the debit card at home, do NOT take it to the casino.
Only go if you have at least 20 dollars, or more in freeplay...after all, why spend all your money, if they are willing to give you some. Won't win much, but...oh well.
Make sure to get everything done at work. Yeah, not so many cats, but you've a ton of stuff you can do. Wash walls, wash tops of cages (inch thick dust is so not good) arrange and clean washroom, arrange shelving in ISO. The ever popular assessment of cats. Probably won't do the whole paper assessment, but I can at least do a 'thumbnail' assessment of the adults. Let people know how they act outside of the cage....and with other animals.
Study the rituals that will be coming up. New moons, full moons, Imbolc and the rest. I would like to be able to make up the cookies I did last year, which means, don't blow the money coming in. Save it, bills, cat food, gas and groceries. Those are important. Then you can look at yarn, books and such.
KEEP TRACK OF YOUR MONEY BETTER. Yeah...back to the old checkbook. Can't get online to the bank to check, but I CAN keep track with checking at an ATM at least once a week, and making sure to list everything down. Get that checkbook thing back working.
DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE LOAN, IN FACT DON'T FORGET ABOUT BOTH LOANS, AND YOUR DEBT CONSOLIDATION. Who knows, you might even get someplace with them....AND be able to put a bit aside in your savings. In fact...let us go and see what we need to do to be able to get INTO our savings.
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Nov. 20th, 2014 @ 06:07 am (no subject)
All I can say right now is...blech.
I have to get the old enthusiasm up and running. No, this isn't something coffee will do. Not even coffee and chocolate.
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Jun. 26th, 2014 @ 07:44 pm (no subject)
So....I went back into the debt consolidation and pay off thing. Been there, done that, yeah...this time...its gonna be tight, gonna really have to stick to a budget, can't fool around. No more wandering down to the casino, no more scratcher tickets...(ok a few)just what I need, no more. Can I do this? Yes. I have to. Face it, I got myself into this hole, now I have to get myself out. I can do this. First six months is always the worst. This time around, even worse. Christmas...well....baby stuff....stocking stuffers. Charlene said she would cook xmas eve dinner. Still have to do the fudge, but that can be done as well. Start looking around for stuff I can make for xmas gifts. Heck, with all the fabric I've got. Should be able to do something. Paul, well, he's pretty much in the same boat. No biggie, we'll get something for each other.

Biggest problem I can see....car and cat food. Might be skimping on a few things, but I don't see too much of a problem. As long as the vet will go along with, just give them the rabies shot, and that will be ok. Otherwise, that is like a two hundred dollar bill and no way can I do that. I can deal with a couple of nine or ten dollar shots.

Guess it will be Paul and I, wandering around Wild Cat glades, strolling along some of the trails, just getting out, at least once or twice a week, going someplace to wander. We both need exercise...and I need to stay away from money grabbing places. At least I don't have to pay the three credit cards. Just Paul's card. As long as it goes down, no real problem. Then, of course, the small loan. That is a problem, yes, but I will have to deal. I can do it.
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Jun. 1st, 2014 @ 06:41 am kill shelters, vs no kill
Ok, so what is a 'kill' shelter? This is a shelter that will take xx amount of animals and put them to sleep, no matter what. This dog/cat/skunk/guinea pig/horse has been here three months? Send them across the rainbow bridge. No one wants them.
Just on sort of a side note...my father in law keeps telling me (and telling me and telling me and TELLING ME) about the time he, supposedly, worked in a shelter. Supposedly, he would kill the dogs as soon as they came in. No matter what. According to him, he was always being appreciated due to his 'clean kennels' Do I believe him? Not really. Even way back then, they would NOT have allowed that. Do I listen? Well, he is 90 years old. I do have respect for my elders. I won't say anything back to him about it.
Ok, so what is a 'no kill' shelter? We are the Humane Society. Our job and primary mission is to take in, vet and adopt out healthy animals. We cannot adopt out ferals, sick animals or kittens that are too young. In fact, many states now say you MUST have all animals spayed or neutered before adopting.
We do NOT kill for space. However, each animal is tested. Puppy has parvo? To prevent it from dying a horrid death, our Vet will put them to sleep. Cat or kitten has felv or fip? A 'mercy' shot to, again, prevent a horrid death. Cat or dog is feral, or too aggressive for handling? Yep, bring out the mercy shot. We really have no facilities for dealing with feral or highly aggressive animals without harm to us.
Other things, yet our Vet will do an 'abort/spay' if the female animal is pregnant. To her, and in fact, to most of us, it is very much approved over the idea of baby animals being born in a cage. While we do have litters either born there, or brought in, we prefer to have those fostered out, until old enough to adopt. We also have our kitten room, where I can put in 12 kittens, so they have the freedom to socialize, play, groom each other (hear me guys and gals?) and generally, well...be kittens.
I also get the fun task of 'gentling' feral kittens. I feel, strongly, that any kitten four months old or younger can be tamed. So far, I've not been proved wrong. Anything older, I would be cautious with. After all...a three pound, or smaller kitten who is hissing and spitting is cute. Anything bigger, approach with caution, or you might be bleeding. In fact, make that WILL be bleeding.
We are a no kill shelter. Sadly, that does mean we are full. Most of the time. Because people keep BRINGING us animals.
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